Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy Holy Days!

Another link for your enjoyement, courtesy of Peter Graening.

My meditation on the meaning of Christmas comes in response to the thoughts of Bill O'Reilly and a gentlemen I overheard at in the Kmart parking lot who said to his friend "A happy Hanukkah to you, because you know we're not allowed to say Merry Christmas!"

My first response was to feel sorry that this poor man is going through life without the knowledge that he is a jackass. Until I remembered something an intelligent woman told me recently. She said Christians can celebrate Hanukkah if they want to because the Old Testament is part of Christian tradition.

She also told me why she feels "Happy Holidays" is the most appropriate thing to say at this time of year; because Advent is the season of waiting. Insteading of rushing through Advent, happy holidays refers to Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (and/or anything else you want it to refer to).

In other news, I'm saddened by the recent death of actor John Spencer, who played Leo McGarry on The West Wing. Leo was a sexist, homophobic, millionare white man in power, and my favorite character. That should speak a lot for the many endearing traits John Spencer brought to the role. I admired him as an actor for his honesty about his alcoholism and recovery one of the things actor and character shared in real life. In a way, I feel as though I've lost a friend. I believe he, like his character, was a good man and too often I feel that those words are oxymoronic. Leo was going to be a great Vice President! John Spencer will be missed!

That's all for now! Shalom!

(p.s. Last week I was too upset about not seeing Brokeback Mountain to include a recipe-of-the-weeekend, and indeed I was too out of it for that very reason to eat last weekend or even clean myself. This week the recipe is on of my favorites: Red Lentil Curry. If I haven't given it to you yet, ask for it. Plus I've got to boost my iron levels so I can donate blood. Figs and red lentils all around! PEACE!)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Not feeling persecuted enough? Watch "Secular Central"

Deny, Deny, Deny

I've been planning on seeing Brokeback Mountain since the day I found out about it sometime in September. You may remember my crushing disapointment after rushing out and reading the short story by Annie Proulx and then thinking bemoaning "Now I know how it ends have to wait until December to see it realized on the big screen!" Or perhaps I shared with you my excitement at seeing the trailer on the big screen when I saw RENT (the first time I saw this particular trailer larger than the size of my computer monitor.) But at last December 9th has arrived and I must wait no longer.

Or so I thought. Yesterday I went to look up showtimes and found not only is Brokeback not coming to my local theatre- It's only playing in NY and LA! Why? What's with the assumption that we here in very close proximity to Fargo North Dakota don't want to see a movie that's a love story between two male cowboys? Honestly! What is with this country? Apparently the thought is only people in NY and LA can handle a film that I guarantee is going to be tame compared to what a real NY and LA film should be - AND that kind thinking only reinforces to people in places like Fargo that they're not going to like the movie, which I think if the movie were in theatres here would find them proven wrong.

I reject the notion that only people in metropolitan areas can handle a film with gay content, and I think the fact that this story takes place in Wyoming is a testament to that.

Just last weekend I attended a very classy party with lots of adults who were talking about this movie (thanks to some free publicity provided by yours truly). It was a hot topic! What is this going to do to Heath Ledger's career? Who cares? Did you hear Heath Ledger gets naked? (who cares?) and Did you know that James Dean was bisexual?

I've spoken to college student Heath Ledger fans who will appreciate this movie (perhaps not on the same level as myself) but they would get their 8 dollars worth. But I guess the people at Focus Features don't want their 8 dollars or my 8 dollars for that matter because they just want to keep their shit in NY & LA! Well that makes me not want to give them my 5 dollars and fifty cents (who am I kidding, I can't afford to see it if its not a matinee) but I'm going to give it to them anyway! Why? Because Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal deserve it!!

On top of that: Queer Eye is doing a first ever Month Of Weddings! without a hint of irony! I nearly threw myself from balcony when I heard that!

Here's a link for any straight guys reading this who might need some hand-holding now that they've been introduced to the content of Brokeback Mountain.
If you're not straight or not a guy or none of the above read it anyway if you could use a good laugh, because he makes a good point at the end.

In closing I'd like to wish a Happy Hanukkah to Bill O'Reilly.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Vital Stats

Musical of the Month: RENT (I could say because it ties takes place on Christmas and ties to themes of poverty that I'm working with, but no - it's because I saw the movie and if I ever get over guys singing together - I don't want to know me.)

After School Program: Winter has gone uncelebrated due to snow days and now we're on hiatus for a while

Working on: researching anti-racism trainings (and hopefully getting it done)

Snow: they predicted 10 inches, but I think we got closer to 12

Driving a van: Once. Got it stuck in a drift. The roads are icy.

My Birthday: the 14th

Wish List: We won't go there

Most recent: Return of the King
Want to see: Good Night and Good Luck (and RENT again!)

Dec 9: Brokeback Mountain and Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Going Home: the 23rd

Recipe of the Weekend: Potato and leek soup (soup seems like the thing to make after a snow storm.)